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The Church Begining

     Charity Inspirational Ministry Church of God in Christ (COGIC) very humbly began as an inspiration in the heart of Elder Elijah Offord and Evangelist Estelle Harris.  Elder Elijah was then the Pastor of Victory Temple COGIC located in Denmark, South Carolina and Evangelist Estelle Harris was a member of Jacob Temple COGIC  located in Tillman, South Carolina.

     God Brought these two people together in March 1990 at the Annual Worker's Conference of the South Carolina Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ. The probability and the possibility of establishing a Church of God in Christ here in the Beaufort area was discussed. They continued to communicate and pray, seeking God's face for directions.

     On May 04, 1992 in the home of Evangelist Estelle Harris; the first assembly was held. Charity Inspiration Ministry COGIC became an organized body of believers consisting of Elder Elijah Offord as Pastor, Minister Joseph Brown was to assist with all ministerial duties, Evangelist stelle Harris was to fulfill the office of Church mother and  Chair-lady of the Women's Department. Evangelist Voncile Brown was elected as Church secretary and Deacon Robert Jackson as treasurer. Other members were sister Beverly Harris, who instituted the name Charity Inspirational Ministry based on 1 Peter 4:8. Sister Andrea Jackson, Brother Robert Jackson Jr., Little Sister Likita Jackson and Evangelist Jacquelyn Offord- First Lady.

     We began to meet on Monday nights for Prayer and Bible study in the homes. The Lord blessed us and opened a door for us to move into the Beaufort High School Chorus Room, thus enabling us to expand our services to include Sunday School and Morning Worship services.

     In March of 1993 Charity Inspirational Ministry COGIC attended it's first Annual Workers Conference fulfilling its' financial obligation and requested to become a church and not a mission. The request was granted and we became a church within the Southern District (Superintendent Kirkland Ruth) of the South Carolina Jurisdictional COGIC under the leadership of Bishop Johnnie J. Johnson.

     Through much prayer and under the observant eyes of Deacon Robert Jackson; 1014 Charles Street was located and in need of much work. Charity Inspirational Ministry COGIC will be forever grateful to Deacon Martin DeJesus, Deacon Micheal Brown, Rev. Richard Allen and their Drywall companies for their many hours of volunteered labor and assistance in our church renovations. The South Eastern District under the leadership of Superintendent William Prioleau was also of great assistance in their time, labor and finances, as well as others who gave their support who are not mentioned. We, the members of the Charity Inspirational Ministry COGIC will be forever grateful to all of you who assisted in all of the church renovations.


     In August of 1995, we were blessed to move into our previous home at 1014 Charles Street in the beautiful city of Beaufort, South Carolina. We extended the ministry to include auxiliary bands, units and boards. In reach, as well as, outreach ministries and community based programs.

     On March 23, 1997, God elevated Elder Joseph Brown to the position of Pastor. Since then we have experienced many changes, due to military commitments and professional obligations many have relocated. God has added to the church daily, more souls.

     Charity Inspirational Ministry COGIC received its' certificate of incorporation as a nonprofit corporation duly organized under the laws of the state of South Carolina on October 08, 2003.

     In March of 2011 while driving down Ribaut Road in the direction of Port Royal, South carolina. The holy Ghost lead Pastor Joseph Brown to turn off onto Old Shell Road. He was lead to an empty building with a real estate sign posted in front of it; immediately Pastor called the number to make an inquiry. TO his amazement the gentleman exclaimed, "I just put that sign up." The realtor turned around, met with Pastor Joseph Brown and negotiations for purchase began.

     Many donations of finances, time and labor were given for the arduous task for preparing the building for occupancy and many thanks foes out to many who assisted in the renovations. On December 25, 2011 we were blessed to move into out current location at 1706 Old Shell Road in Port Royal, South Carolina and hosted our first Morning Worship service.

     It has been though much prayer and supplication that Charity Inspirational Ministry COGIC has come from an inspiration in the heat, to the home, through the school to God's house. We are yet awaiting a greater move of God as he continues to pour out his blessings upon us. For we know that " Greater is coming."

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